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The other little nurses saw such a handsome man and the scene outside the bathroom just now thought it was a bitter drama of life and death but in a twinkling of an eye Lu Zheng's humiliating performance made them laugh But the litigant also completely has not been aware only felt at a loss "Doctor my daughter-in-law how" Is there any problem with the child The doctor went over to pick up Suwen and looked at her condition Then Apparel he turned around and looked at Lu Zheng in a funny way "Is this girl your wife" Lu Zheng nodded heavily Is that your baby in her belly Lu Zheng nodded again The doctor pushes the glasses on bridge of the nose "That child is more than two months how have you not seen the most basic gravid reaction" Lu Zheng is dull The doctor comforts him "Be at ease your daughter-in-law is all right the mood needs to be controlled your son is also alive and kicking" The doctor finished and left and a group of little nurses were laughing Lu Zheng looked back at Su

Wen who buried his face in his chest like an ostrich and refused to come out Now you know everything Do you want me to tell you Her voice was a little resentful and it was muffled in his chest Lu Zheng only felt that the most thorough warm current seemed to overflow from there and all of a sudden it spread to his limbs Su Wen closed his eyes and leaned on him quietly listening to the beating of the drums in his chest and suddenly his body was light and the whole person was picked up by him Lu Zheng carefully lifted her body and bent his head to kiss her on the abdomen It was his first kiss as a father to the child and he opened his mouth trying to say something and finally found it difficult to say This kind of intimate behavior lets the plain question embarrassed turn away from the face when waits for her to turn head unexpectedly sees in Lu Zheng's eyes glittering similar tears In thousands of words the complicated emotions in the man's heart eventually turned into a drop of tears which dripped on the skirt of her pajamas and made a faint splash -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- So all the reactions you want to see are here It's a little less today More 1 W will be made up tomorrow Eighty-eight be good and wait for me Updated January 11 2013 00450 Words in this chapter 11898 After the doctor examined Nie Suwen she turned over and lay down on the bed Love Lu Zheng turned off the lamp sitting on the edge of the bed gently holding her hand the line of sight from her sleeping face to her bulging abdomen can not help but be filled with the feeling of acid swelling in the heart Big hand gently covered under the palm is a fresh little life and he has an inseparable relationship flowing his blood Until now he feels that this feeling is amazing besides grandpa and aunt there is such a person in the world who is so closely connected with you

He told himself that there was a woman who loved him so much and brought him a child so his stubbornness and uncertainty should be thrown away Suwen and the child were all he had in the future and he should be satisfied Su Wen closed his eyes rolling slightly under his eyelids China Manufacturers and his long eyelashes trembled Knowing that she was not asleep Lu Zheng took off his coat lay down on her side held her in his arms and stroked her lower abdomen as if talking to himself Will you marry me Su Wen continued to pretend to be asleep I don't want to wait anymore I want to marry you back early so So I can be with you all the time Live a down-to-earth life and never think about those superfluous things again Su Wen was buried in his arms his throat was tight and he began to wipe his tears secretly She didn't want to He just bit his teeth and rushed to the Civil Affairs Bureau to spend nine yuan to get a red book But regardless of the consequences it is the people around them who pay for their willfulness Falling in love may be a matter for two people but getting married is never an easy decision for both of them He has a family she has a career Lu Zheng stroked her hand and stomach over and over again grabbed her right hand and put it to her lips and kissed the diamond ring she had been wearing on her hand the diamond ring he had left her quietly Susu Say you will Su Wen did not open his eyes and leaned into his arms tears sneaking down from the corners of his eyes After Lu Zheng knew that Xiao Rong had done it for her in the hospital she had never felt comfortable

Although he and Xiao Rong are brothers brother's wife can not be bullied he believes that Xiao Rong will not do such a bastard thing but in any case his wife let other men help take care of is a man of indomitable spirit can not stand In addition Su Wen was naturally Textiles & Leather Products disgusted with the smell of disinfectant in the hospital so Lu Zheng gave her a discharge without saying a word I don't trust you to move to my place The big deal is to ask for a few more nurses I must take good care of you during pregnancy It's not enough to have my 24-hour personal care Someone is about to become a father and all his strength feels useless Su asked in disbelief "Your home is not as good as my home so little place and then plug a few nursing can also wipe open the place" Lu Zheng Dongcheng District the old house with one bedroom and one living room two people crowded quite nostalgic and warm to be a family of three how also seems shabby not to mention the period of raising the fetus all conditions are favorable can not wronged their own son You look down on your husband and me Have you forgotten what I do The old house in Dongcheng District is definitely not for our son to live in Fortunately I left one for myself during the development of Xinghe Bay where the environment is quiet and my son is sure to like it Of course the most important thing is that you like your wife He was poor for a long time Ink took out a key from his pocket put it in her hand wrapped it in her palm and forbade her to let it go "Take it no no" All right Su-su this house will be our wedding house in the future okay 。




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