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"I.." Fan Lili opened her mouth and was interrupted by a sharp voice before she could say anything. Fan Lili, it's really you, you fox spirit. You actually came to seduce the people. I'll kill you. It was Chen Fangmei who rushed in from outside the corridor. She rushed up and pulled Fan Lili's hair and wrestled with her. The Xiao family was blocked on the stairs, so they took two steps back and stayed there to watch the fun. Qian Damei looked with relish, "this, this Fan Guixiang is not a good thing, other people's daughter-in-law came to the door, the fight." Fan Lili was anxious and angry. "Chen Fangmei, what are you crazy about? Let me go." Huang Weimin also hurriedly pulled Chen Fangmei away, "Fangmei, you listen to my explanation, it's not like that." Chen Fangmei's strength is not small, Huang Weimin spent a lot of effort to pull her away. Fan Lili was very angry. "Chen Fangmei, you are crazy. Who seduced Huang Weimin? I came to see the house with him." "You are so shameless that you have come to see our house, and you dare to say that you have not seduced him." Huang Weimin hurried to Chen Fangmei's ear and explained to her. They muttered for a long time, but Chen Fangmei still didn't believe it: "Really?" Huang Weimin nodded, "of course it's true." But Chen Fangmei's face is still not good, "no, I do not agree." Huang Weimin is anxious, "Fangmei, you think, she gave more money, my parents said,inflatable amusement park, we can buy the main house of the courtyard where we live now, so that our family can live in a spacious house." "No, the two of us live in this small two-bedroom apartment, which is equally spacious. I will live in a new house. I will not sell this house." Fan Lili is also anxious, "Huang Weimin, we are not agreed, the price I did not give you less." Huang Weimin grabbed Chen Fangmei ferociously, "You can rest assured that this house will definitely be sold to you." Xiao Yalei also understood that Fan Lili had the idea of buying a house from Huang Weimin. Although Chen Fangmei is not likable,Inflatable outdoor park, the relationship between the two is not good, but for Fan Lili, Xiao Yalei is not happy, and if Fan Lili is a neighbor and always be careful of her system, Xiao Yalei certainly does not want to. Huang Weimin, this house is assigned to you and Chen Fangmei by the unit. I'm afraid you can't make the decision alone. Three people are stunned, especially Chen Fangmei, she just did not notice Xiao Yalei, now listen to her opening to help her, some can not believe. Chen Fangmei, this house is half yours. If you don't agree, no one can buy it. Even if Huang Weimin receives money, you sue the unit, the unit will support you, after all, the property right of the house is still in the unit. Chen Fangmei eyes a bright, Inflatable outdoor park ,Inflatable indoor park, she is also too impatient, did not expect this layer. The Huang family all knew about the sale of the house and hid it from her. She was isolated and helpless. Xiao Yalei reminded her that she immediately understood. Yes, I'm going to the unit to find the leader. This house is half of mine, and no one is allowed to sell it. Chen Fangmei turned around and ran outside, and Huang Weimin rushed to catch up with her. Fangmei, wait a minute. Fan Lili knew that the matter of the house was ruined. She stared at Xiao Yalei with both eyes on fire. Xiao Yalei, what does my buying a house have to do with you? Why do you mind your own business? It's none of my business for you to buy a house, but I don't want to be your neighbor. Fan Lili, I remember I told you that we don't interfere with each other, but you have to squeeze into the dormitory building of our unit. What do you mean? Qian Damei is also anxious in the back, she hurried forward a few steps, in front of Xiao Yalei, "Fan Guixiang, our family does not owe you anything.". If you dare to set up my daughter, I'm not finished with you. Fan Lili looked at the mother and daughter of the Xiao family with an alert face and could only endure this tone and leave. Qian Damei is still not at ease, "Leilei, she will not really live in it?" "Mom, you can rest assured, this house is divided by the unit, how can it be so easy for her to buy.". Besides, I'm not afraid even if she moves in. Xiao Yalei comforted Qian Damei a few words, she was relieved, but after returning home, he lost his temper with his youngest son, if not for the rotten peach blossom he provoked, how could it involve her daughter.
When she got the house key, Xiao Yalei began to plan the decoration, but there was no decoration company in this age, but there were masons doing odd jobs in the city, and she didn't know if she could make the effect she wanted. Just after work that night, Xiao Yalei saw Liang Jinghuai's jeep parked in front of the building as soon as she walked out of the department store. She was so happy that she ran over at once. Before she could get to the front of the car, she saw the door open, but it was Yan Feng who came out of it. Xiao Yalei's footsteps involuntarily stopped, the heart also suddenly woke up, Liang Jinghuai just walked four or five days, how can he come back so soon. With a smile on his face, Yan Feng said, "Sister-in-law, you are very disappointed to see me.". But I'm here to tell you the good news. Jing Huai has arrived there, agreed to call the hotel in the evening, I am specially to pick you up to answer the phone. "Really?" Only then did Xiao Yalei become happy. Although, the department store also has a telephone, but the telephone of the counter group is an internal line, it is not convenient to say private affairs in the office, or go to the hotel to answer the phone more convenient. Xiao Yalei followed Yan Feng to the hotel, which had just been renovated and the interior had not yet been fully decorated. Yan Feng took her to an office on the fifth floor. Sister-in-law, Jing Huai said he would call at seven o'clock. I'll go and get you some food first. You eat first. "Thank you." Yan Feng went to the canteen of the transportation company to help Xiao Yalei get dinner back. Xiao Yalei ate a few mouthfuls and couldn't eat any more. His mind was on the telephone. Yan Feng naturally saw it and didn't say much. As soon as I packed up the lunch box, the phone rang on time. Chapter 78 The moment the phone rang, Xiao Yalei immediately got up and ran to the phone. But when he saw Yan Feng in the room, he became reserved again, and the hand that had been stretched out was withdrawn. Yan Feng said with a smile,inflatable castle with slide, "sister-in-law, you talk to Jing Huai, and I'll go out." 。




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