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Comment on this new type of RWT?

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# 14.10.2021 - 03:51:23
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They seem like something I'd discover in the near future with RuneScape Gold an invention ability. In summary, Jagex has been releasing new RWT items with features that do not have a counterpart that is available by playing legitimately. This is the likely direction that future RWT items will take. Thoughts? Comment on this new type of RWT?

I think the great majority of long time players don't like the trending of SOF/Treasure Hunt. It is possible to find variants of it in any game on the internet. Jagex has to make profits, since their player base has been declining so drastically. This includes all of the bots they have put out of commission as well as all those who have quit. Their dedication to the game was more impressive than any other game I've ever played. They should be acknowledged for their efforts.

I recall thinking to myself that I would never spend cash on this game except to pay for my membership. However, with the temptation that exists I've purchased bank space, which is really needed if you are a quester/long-time player and just have tons of non-tradeable items, or things that are just a pain to reget if you drop them.

The music boxes make star mining much more enjoyable for me and my buddies. There are still a few treasure hunter-related items I'd like to have, like the divination outfit, but I won't be purchasing spins.

Regarding certain rewards on the spinnys I do recall Mod Mark saying the spinnys were not his cup of tea. He was also unhappy with the silverhawk boots which were an obvious ingame advantage. Who wouldn't want bored agility just walking around? We hope they can keep the game's spirit in Buy OSRS Accounts place and not add any more.




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