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I would love to see more meaningful

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Truth. That's how sub-games operate. It's a way to motivate yourself to work for long hours to keep you on road to success. This is what I find fascinating about ffxiv. It's designed to allow no time wasted gating they've stated clearly that you can unsubscribe in the event of WOW TBC Gold when content is not flowing and you will not be left behind. They value the time of the user far more than blizzard, and recognize that if they wish to keep their sub-count up they just have to produce more great content. Man if I could play in Azeroth and have square enix on my side, I'd all over the place.

I would love to see more meaningful and interesting quests. The quests are essentially an exact copy and paste of "go look for chests of x" or "go kill the x animal and y" or "go to location "x and interact with "y". Some quests require you go to an ancient ruin and search for rivets... or go to the waterfall to put down an easel. They have no cheap WOW Classic TBC Gold real flavour or meaning to the world. (Admittedly there are some that do, such as the Pastor Walsh quest line, however that's pretty rare.)




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