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If you are striving for RuneScape

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# 29.12.2020 - 02:22:10
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I normally receive a KC of 20ish, it doesn't help getting Barrow things more often but RuneScape gold it helps becoming more runes/racks etc.. This is not the most efficient method but works for me, my stats are 99 Attack/97 Strength/95 Defence/98 HP/80 Prayer/90 Magic/80 Ranged, so in the event you have similar stats it ought to be a piece of cake. (But I'm a noob:P, if your stats are like mine you will find much better Barrow methods.

This is certainly not the best method but it's how I do it and it works. Additionally, it is pretty inexpensive if you do it right, at least I earn money every excursion (not much but still gain ) even when I don't buy a Barrows item. Wouldn't that simply dab. Additionally, is there some quests I got to perform other then preist in peril (I better finish that you soon haha!) The truth of Slayer dart is not influenced by your magic bonus, it merely affects how hard you strike with it so that it's far better to take melee armour for better defensive bonuses. Damage, however, is not.

You may hit exactly the exact same in mystical as you want in rune. As for the black sally, it's really only worth using in the event that you've got a high heeled level or are using blitz/barrage as well to sidestep. Sally is a bit more consistent then slayer dart, and iirc it strikes more at 70 mage afterward slayer dart does in 70 mage. Unless you've got 85+ def, or 82+ magic, you could as well just use slayer dart.

78-80 Attack shouldn't take long at all, maybe a few days, possibly a week if you slowly. I would train at Green Drags, or Blue Drags in Taverly Dungeon in case you uneasy with all the wild. It's fairly slow exp., but it's decent cashwise. If you are striving for exp. And speed, I would go for Yaks, Experiments, Flesh Crawlers (SHoS), or even maybe Rock Crabs. Each of these areas will have an adequate flow of exp., in addition to being fairly casual and low risk.

In case you've got the charms, it will frankly take you just each day, probably less. If you do not, god knows how much time it will require you to collect them. I will go under the assumption that you've got the charms. From 22-31, create Granite Crab pouches. This is quite effiecient, in addition to breaking small charms. You may need 1,300ish blank components, gold charms, iron ore and 10,000ish spirit shards. This will cost you at the midrange, to high 200k. From 31-40, you make Vampire Bats. They provide decent exp, and their materials aren't as big of a pain as others. Gather 170 blank pouches, crimson charms and OSRS buy gold vampire dust as well as 13,400 soul shards. It will cost you at the mid 300kish.
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