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# 18.08.2022 - 09:25:01
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"Such a flying sword, such a sword array, Wang Lin, you are qualified to fight with me!" With a wave of Ling Tianhou's hands, the other three swords of yuan Shen in front of him all flew out immediately. Under the rotation, a sword gas suddenly ran through the air. In the sword gas, it immediately formed like a sword net, enveloping the front crazily. Under the control of Wang Linshen, the twenty-seven flying swords caught up with the previous wind of fists and turned into a storm of swords with them as the core. There were numerous formations contained in them, and they immediately collided with the four rotating primordial spirits of Ling Tianhou. Boom, boom! In the constant loud noise, twenty-seven flying swords flew upside down one by one, but the storm of the sword was bombarded, making the sword of Lingtian yuanshen retreat! Every time a sword collapsed, the flying sword would hover around Wang Lin's body again. After a moment, all the twenty-seven flying swords rolled back. Wang Lin's previous ancient God's fist burst out with great power in this moment. Under the bombardment, Ling Tianhou's four swords of the primordial gods immediately fell back under a shock! This scene, in anyone's eyes, is the confrontation of the court! But Wang Lin knew that Ling Tianhou did not display his magical powers, but attacked with ordinary sword skills, not because the other side showed mercy, but because Ling Tianhou thought that even in the early days of peeping, he was not qualified to use his magical powers! Ling Tianhou's eyes showed a strange color,brushed stainless steel sheet, but the strange color disappeared in an instant. In his long smile, he had already thrown away the promise of three swords. His hands were pinched into an arc. His grey hair was windless and automatic, and his eyes showed a strange awn. He shouted in a low voice: "You are qualified to let me display my magical powers. I have only three words in my magical powers!"! Bright, hole, broken! Ming Jian, the first form, cast a sword with blood! As soon as this remark was made, the monks around were in an uproar. Ling Tianhou declared that he was the Lord of a clan. His supernatural powers shocked heaven and earth and wept ghosts and gods. All the monks knew that Ling Tianhou had only one mortal enemy in his life, and that was Tianyunzi! His magical power is rarely used,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, and every time he uses it, it is almost a battle with Tianyunzi. But now, this Ling Tianhou actually displayed his magical powers in the battle with Wang Lin, so that even if Wang Lin was defeated, he immediately became famous! As Ling Tianhou drank low, he pointed forward with his right hand, and immediately the four swords of the primordial gods merged into each other, turning into a virtual shadow, emitting bursts of hot breath, but also from the illusory transformation, as if into a liquid, in the sun a yellow, revealing a colorful awn, straight to Wang Lin. Wang Lin looked calm. He stepped back and patted the storage bag. He drank low in his mouth: "Fifty-nine Sword Array!" In an instant, a silver light flew out of the storage bag and interlaced with 27 swords around it. A total of 45 seven-foot long swords rotated crazily, forming a whirlpool of swords. In Wang Lin's long hair, 304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel ,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, he pinched his hands together and pointed forward fiercely! "Chop Luo Jue!" Under this one finger, the speed of yuan Li's operation in Wang Lin's body almost reached its peak, and one by one cut Luo Jue into the sword, but also under Wang Lin's one finger, the whole sword burst into a shock, Qi Qi condensed and went straight ahead. This is the sword of the suicide realm. On his way to Tianyun Sect, Wang Lin had already sacrificed the number of fifty-nine, and completely changed his appearance. If he hadn't killed the people in the realm, it would have been difficult to find the source of this thing. At this moment, the sword gas whirlpool contains the power of countless Chop Luo Jue. Under the crossfire, it is interlaced with Ling Tianhou's magical power in an instant. Suddenly, the world turns pale and the universe reverses. A loud rumbling noise echoed rapidly in the heaven and earth in a very violent way, and in the constant collapse, the sound of banging replaced all the sounds of heaven and earth. Had it not been for Tianyunzi's sweeping arms to block the leakage of the force of this impact, I am afraid that the stars of Tianyunzi would have collapsed countless times. After the impact, Wang Lin's body galloped back. None of the forty-five flying swords were damaged, but they were dim. They surrounded Wang Lin and retreated with him.
Directly on the opposite side, Ling Tianhou's four-in-one sword collapsed under a shock and reappeared into four. Ling Tianhou's body did not move, and his eyes showed light. He laughed and shouted, "Wang Lin, you have written off your enmity with Da Luo Jian Zong. I don't want that token. Since you got it, it's your chance. When you go to Xianfu, you will have a share!" Ling Tianhou turned around and stepped out. The disciples of Da Luo Jian Zong behind him were still confused, but they immediately followed him, galloping away under the light of the sword. Ling Tianhou, this move has a profound meaning. Wang Lin glanced at the figure of Ling Tianhou in the distance, and his eyes flashed with meditation. It was quiet all around, and both the disciples of the Tianyun Sect and the people brought by the old monsters were all shocked. Wang Lin has the power to fight with Ling Tianhou! Bai Wei eyes show excitement, he has been until now, still some can not believe what he saw in front of him. Zhao Xing's face was ashen, and his eyes at Wang Lin were full of fear, but he no longer dared to have the slightest evil heart. There is always indifferent to all the purple department of the fourth, her eyes confused dissipated, looking at Wang Lin, but there is a trace of strange look. If he can help me. The woman bit her lower lip and made a decision in her heart. Not only they, but almost all the people who knew Wang Lin in those years were in a trance of shock at the moment. In their eyes, Wang Lin in those years and the figure in white at the moment gradually merged into one. Wang Lin did not put away the forty-five flying swords around him. Instead, his eyes fell on the old man who was like a mountain of meat. He said calmly, "Senior, am I qualified?" The old man was silent. With a snort, he folded his fists to Tianyunzi and said, "Tianyun Daoyou, Li Mou still has a furnace of elixir being refined. Don't bother me." As he spoke, he shouted to the four disciples who were carrying him, "Back to the mountain!" The four disciples hurriedly said yes, carried their huge bodies, and gradually went away. The old man standing on the gourd took a meaningful look at Wang Lin and said with a smile, "Wang Daoyou hides so deeply. Old man Qimengtan, if you have time, welcome to my dream star." With these words, he folded his fists to Tianyunzi and left. Along with him,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, there was also the old man who was as thin as a corpse. He had a cold face from beginning to end. When he left, he did not say goodbye to Tianyunzi, but walked directly in the air.
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I don't think this is the best solution in this situation, there are alternatives




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