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In fact, drifting is a natural version of the Rapids, when the current is turbulent, the raft will fly up, fall heavily, splashing countless drops of water. Qin Li's body is wet, but gradually play out the taste, the scenery on both sides quickly fell back, the wind in the ear, leaving only one feeling, cool! Is it interesting? Hearing Yan Sen ask in his ear, Qin Li nodded and answered loudly, "Yes!" "Want to play again?" Qin Li nodded, "think!" Yan Sen continued, "Let's *** at night." Qin Li answered without thinking, "good!" Eh? Wait, what did he just say?! Chapter 41 The rubber raft went all the way and was finally washed into the lake with a torrent. Under the influence of inertia, Qin Li fell out of the raft, and the cold lake water poured in from all directions and surrounded her at once. Startled, she thought she would be like last time, waving her hands and struggling desperately, screaming loudly, "Help, I can't swim!" In her panic, she saw Yan Sen standing in front of her, smiling at herself. Qin Li did not think about why he could stand, and the water was only below his waist, so he grabbed him in a hurry and wrapped himself around him like an octopus. Seeing this, Yan Sen laughed, put his hand under her arm, and lifted her up. Qin Li's body was straightened, his feet straightened, and he stepped on the pebbles at the bottom of the lake, only to find that the water was no deeper than her waist. Qin Li, "." What a shame! Qin Li was even more embarrassed to see the corners of Yan Sen's mouth curved, the dimples on his cheeks looming, and the appearance of a suppressed smile. She immediately released her hands and stepped back, explaining, "I'm not afraid of death, I'm just.." He hugged his chest and waited for her to follow. Qin Li couldn't think of an excuse, so he finally had to admit with a flat mouth, "Well, I'm just afraid of death, because I haven't slept with you yet, so I can't die!" After shouting this sentence, she herself was shocked, looking at Yan Sen's face with such an expression, she waved her hand and said, "Ah, no, no, that's not what I want to say.". I'm out of my mind. I'm talking nonsense. I don't count. Yan Sen raised the corners of his mouth. "I understand." "Understand what?" Qin Li urgently explained, "I fell into the water and my brain was confused. In fact, I didn't want to sleep with you, but it would be a pity to assume that if I died like this, I hadn't slept with you yet." Alas, it's getting darker and darker! Since I came here for a blind date, the lower limit has been dying. Yan Sen smiled and took her arm, pulled her over, then held her face with one hand, brushed away the wet hair on her face with the other hand, and bowed his head and kissed her. When his warm lips came up, Qin Li only felt a buzz, and the big and small nerves in his brain were shorted at the same time in this second. His kiss is like his person, Inflatable mechanical bull , silent and coquettish, not slow, not that kind of soul-stirring, nor eager to attack the overbearing, but she was itching, can not help but ask him for more. The smell of grass mixed with cigarettes on his body was very sultry, and his lips were soft and hot. Before she knew it, she wrapped her hands around his shoulders and stood on tiptoe to deepen the kiss. Qin Li has always been a slow person, and Sun Yi together, also did not take the initiative, Sun Yi how she wants to do, always passive bear. Therefore, Sun Yi will dislike her as a wooden man. However, now her passion is inspired by a kiss, no longer blindly waiting and bearing, but to take the initiative to explore. If Sun Yi saw her at this time, he would be frightened. There was no noise except the occasional singing of birds overhead, and even the murmur of water disappeared, as if time were forbidden. The lake is like a mirror, reflecting the sky, the clouds, the mountains, the trees and each other's shadows. They stood in the lake, hugging and kissing each other, with blue sky and white clouds overhead and green mountains and trees around them. The scenery is really in the water, and there is scenery in the water, which is beautiful and romantic. In her heart, Yan Sen is a person who does not understand romance, but at this moment, the romantic factor fills every breath.
Reluctantly ended the kiss, Qin Li looked up at him, the man between the sky and water, appears to be so indomitable spirit. She reached out and touched his angular face to make sure it was a real person, not a painting or something. Yan Sen took her hand, lowered his face and kissed her cheek, whispering in her ear, "Do you really want to sleep with me so much?" Before she could wake up from the romance, she nodded subconsciously when she heard him ask. At this time, she was just thinking, the original cold man is not not romantic, he wants to play romantic, other women can not resist her do not know, anyway, she is unable to stop. Yan Sen looked at her with a slight smile and two dimples on his cheeks. "Tonight is as you wish." Ah, why is it as I wish? It's like how empty, lonely and cold I am. Qin Li muddleheaded, suddenly thought of a question, if you really sleep, how to do without a condom? But then she felt that she was thinking too much, and if she could get pregnant like this, she would not be dumped by her ex-husband. Just as her thoughts were running wild, the warm moment was interrupted by a sudden rubber raft, and Thomas's excited screams, like a butcher's knife, plunged between them. Ning Xin's picture cracked into cracks and then broke into pieces. Thomas's raft landed on the lake under the push of the Rapids, many times more natural and unrestrained than Qin Li's headfirst landing just now. When Yan Sen saw his brother coming, he threw a handful of water at him. With a loud roar, Thomas immediately counterattacked, and the three men, who were a hundred years old together, had a water fight like children. Qu Danni and the camera team heard the sound, not afraid of wet people have jumped into the water, joined in, a scuffle immediately opened the curtain. Qin Li took advantage of the chaos to climb up the shore, Qu Danni reached out to pull her, handed her a big towel, said,inflatable water slide, "how?" Qin Li wrapped himself in a towel. "What?" "Pretend to be garlic." After giving her a white look, Qu Danni asked again, "Have you two made a substantial leap?" 。




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