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The princess is the eldest princess of Xi Bu! At that time, in order to unite the strength of the Xi Department to consolidate the internal affairs of the Liao Dynasty and prevent the increasingly powerful Yaohe Department from making trouble, the king listened to Empress Xiao's words and married Princess Yao. Although it was a political marriage, everyone knew how much Princess Yao loved the king! If the king really killed Princess Yao for the sake of Princess Song, I'm afraid it's not easy to calm the anger of Xi Bu! The maid Qilan, who was carrying iced lotus seed soup, happened to pass by. She heard the maids whispering behind the pillar. She raised her eyebrows and turned to look at them. "What do you know?"? Does the king really love that woman of the Song Dynasty? When the maids saw that it was Miss Yanji's maid, they were so frightened that they stopped hurriedly and stood up. Miss Yanji was the king's favorite concubine. This was a well-known thing in the palace. If they offended her, they would inevitably suffer a lot. So none of them dared to open their mouths to answer Qilan's words. Qilan glanced at them contemptuously and said slowly, "Haven't you heard that the king has been staying in Miss Yanji's Rose Garden for so many days?"? Hum! The king praised Miss Yanji as a rose fairy, just like the rose oil in Daliao, which makes people fondle admiringly. The maids looked at her with wide eyes, Your Majesty. Will the king really say such ambiguous love words? Qi Lan smirked: "This is what you don't understand. Although the king is cold on the surface, it's different in the face of the woman he loves. The king is very good at saying love words to coax Miss Yanji." The maids of several ages blushed, envious and jealous. Miss Yanji was beautiful and won the king's love. Pity them for their vulgar powder. They didn't even have a chance to see the king. Don't say you can't see it? Qi Lan raised her left eyebrow. "How much does Princess Song look like Miss Yan Ji?"! Especially those eyes, but like to the extreme! Otherwise,inflatable bounce house with slide, how could the king be so good to the girl who had not grown up, not because he had the same face as Miss Yanji! It is a pity Her beauty is still too green to match a man as heroic as the king. The maids' eyes stared like a brass bell. Is Miss Yeon-hee very similar to Princess Song? That pair of eyes, clear and moving, without a trace of dust, Miss Yanji's eyes are charming, although they are also beautiful, but. How can it be compared? Big Song Princess's eyes,Jumping castle with slide, I'm afraid there is no second pair in the world! Qi Lan curled her lips, knowing that they would not understand what these ignorant girls said, so she had to hold her head high and carry the lotus seed soup to the Rose Garden, which the king had ordered her to prepare specially for Miss Yanji, and it was not good if it was cold. Watching Qilan go away, the maid breathed a sigh of relief, stuck out her tongue, looked at each other, and felt that there was nothing to discuss. After all, it was a fact that the king had been particularly fond of Miss Yanji recently. Their dream was broken. Afternoon eyes are very dazzling, warm in every place in the yard, inflatable amusement park ,Inflatable indoor park, flowers and grass can not bear the heat, one after another curled up lifeless, even the birds parked in the trees are lazy, motionless. Dejin had nothing to do for a day. He allowed her to see Shiro three times a month. She was already benevolent and righteous. However, she couldn't control herself. Shiro had just come yesterday and left after a day. Today she missed him again. But In the heart, what can not be put down? He hasn't been here for a long time, a long time. Habit is really a terrible thing, when she is used to his existence, used to him holding her to sleep every night, used to him coming back early every day to accompany her, used to his gentle smile at her, accustomed to his eyes like the sea. It turned out that he could get tired of her so quickly. "Miss Brocade, Miss Brocade!" Far away, I heard Mingshuo shouting loudly. Her eyes lit up and she hurried out.
"Is Shiro here?" She looked left and right in surprise, and soon the joy in her eyes dimmed. She looked at Ming Shuo disappointedly. "What's wrong?" Ming Shuo's eyes were shining and he was panting. He didn't hear Dejin's tone of disappointment for a moment. He still said loudly, "I heard that the empress will come to see you tomorrow." "Look at me?" She stepped back, somewhat alarmed, and the empress of the Great Liao came to see her? "Well!" Mingshuo nodded forcefully, "How nice it is to have the empress to make decisions for Miss Jin, and the king will certainly change his mind!"! Dejin did not open his mouth again, his eyes wanted to reveal something, but he finally kept silent. She walked slowly, and the bright sunshine danced warmly on her snow-white skirt, but she looked so lonely. Mingshuo followed and walked silently behind her. The lotus flowers in the garden are blooming at their peak, competing to open one by one, as if they want to dedicate all the good things in life before they are willing to die beautifully. Dejin bypassed the lotus pond and walked straight to the gate of the courtyard. Mingshuo suddenly realized what she was going to do and grabbed her. "Miss Jin." Her eyes were fixed on the arched door, and through the heavy walls she seemed to see. A beautiful world awaits her. Her eyes suddenly blurred when they touched the corner of the black clothes that drifted into the doorway. She narrowed her eyes slightly, and the sunlight, like a goblin, jumped wildly on her thick eyelashes, so that she could hardly see the light in her eyes. Black tall and straight figure walked in quickly, at that moment, as if the light between heaven and earth rushed past to surround him, he was like a God in the sky, inviolable, the king's demeanor, cold and alienated, making the warm summer suddenly into the cold winter. Her heart beat so fast for no reason that it almost rushed out of her chest. Suddenly a gust of wind blew up her white skirt,inflatable air dancer, and the lotus blossomed like fire, and her black hair fluttered slightly. His eyes were as cold as a cold pool frozen three feet, and the cold was suffocating.




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