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When he saw the scandal on the Internet and got Able's information from his assistant, he found that he was also an old hand in love. How could he sit still? Even the office door was kicked open. Qu Xiuming was almost mad. One is romantic and the other is a playboy. What will happen when these two people bump into each other? Do you still need to think about it! He called Yunxiao from the beginning, but no one answered. It takes at least eight hours for the capital of Dingguo to fly to the overseas city where Yunxiao is located. Eight hours, enough for the two people who only walk kidneys to walk many times! By the time he got off the plane, Qu Xiuming was almost desperate. Heart sank to the bottom of the valley, but let Qu Xiuming slowly calm down. Sitting on the bus to the hotel where Yunxiao lived, he looked out of the window at the night scene in silence, and his whole heart was like falling into an ice cave, but unexpectedly calmed down. Qu Xiuming had not imagined such a situation before, and he had already anticipated these things when he wanted to pursue Yunxiao. The little girl he likes is playful and romantic. She is young and easy to be tempted. If one day he doesn't keep an eye on her and the little girl is abducted by another man, it's really normal. Just, want to think, when things really happen, that kind of almost trembling pain, or let Qu Xiuming pain can not breathe. He did not care about the so-called chastity, nor did he care about the history of love, he just could not accept that the little girl he loved was held in the arms of another man. Her smile, her spring, her voice, all of her,large inflatable water slide, will be seen by another man. Compared with these, Qu Xiuming is more afraid that his little girl will fall in love with the man who sees all of her, and from then on, there will be no place for him in her heart. Qu Xiuming could not imagine what he would become if one day his little girl told him that she had fallen in love with someone else. If possible, Qu Xiuming would like to hide Yunxiao, so that she can only see herself. It is a pity Qu Xiuming closed his eyes. There are three men chasing their wives. In fact, he is already very good. Tan Wenxuan and Gu Feifei through the kidney,Inflatable dry slide, but still not accepted, Gu Feifei's lover is still one after another, Tan Wenxuan several times painful to get drunk, still no way. Song Yeyu is in hot pursuit, only to get He Mushi to temporarily give up the idea of taking the kidney when making her boyfriend, but also can't stop He Mushi from kissing her boyfriend. In contrast, he should really be satisfied with Qu Xiuming. Qu Xiuming pulled the corners of his mouth with self-mockery, and the pain in his heart was like a knife, but his face was calm. When the car stopped outside the hotel, the assistant in the passenger seat shouted excitedly: "Boss!"! I got through to Yun Dong's life assistant. As soon as the words fell, the phone was connected, and the assistant quickly began to ask. Where are you and Yun Dong? Night scenes?! Is it really a night scene? Yun Dong is not dating with that Able. Sick? Able got a fever after the underwater scene?! The assistant almost jumped up and hit his head on the roof of the car. Qu Xiuming's breath was so short that he didn't even have time to listen to what his assistant had asked behind him. He suddenly pushed open the car door and went down. Assistant hastens to follow, one side still asks anxiously: "Yun Dong, where is Yun Dong now?"? Back to.. Before he had finished talking, Inflatable meltdown ,Inflatable water park on lake, he knew he didn't have to ask. On another road in front of the hotel, Yunxiao was walking this way, and not far behind her was the life assistant who was talking to him. Qu Xiuming also saw it. He was walking quickly to the hotel, but when the clouds appeared, he seemed to have a feeling, suddenly stopped, involuntarily turned to look. The little girl he was thinking about day and night was humming a song and walking leisurely towards this side. At that moment, Qu Xiuming felt that the frozen heart began to beat again, the original calm, calm, all broken into pieces, into the flames of volcanic eruptions, surging into the heart, surging into the eyes. Qu Xiuming almost ran and rushed over and hugged Yunxiao tightly. Yunxiao was startled and almost hit her reflexively, and then she realized who was holding her. Qu.. As soon as Yunxiao was about to call him, he was stunned. Drops of water slowly dripped between Yunxiao's neck, with a trace of heat, like hot magma, so hot that Yunxiao's heart trembled.
"Ah Xiao.." Xiao.. Qu Xiuming's voice was hoarse and trembling, full of fear, fear, bitterness and sadness. Yunxiao froze. It was the first time she had seen Qu Xiuming cry. It turns out that the omnipotent, strong and deep master of the Qu family will also cry. He will be afraid, he will be sad, he will be afraid. Yunxiao stood in place, almost at a loss, not knowing how to comfort himself. She felt that Qu Xiuming's tears were still dripping, and the tears hit her neck, but more like a heavy hit on her heart, which made her almost breathless and made her whole heart ache. Yunxiao clumsily patted Qu Xiuming on the back and gently coaxed him: "Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry." Qu Xiuming buried his head in her neck, his body still trembling a little, and his arms hugging her tightly were as firm as iron pillars. Yunxiao's heart is sad and can't stop giving birth to pity, but also a little distressed. When a person who is used to being strong and indestructible suddenly cries in front of you and shows weakness to you, it's really hard for anyone to resist this kind of offensive. Yunxiao originally just wanted to hide from Qu Xiuming's idea of leaving, but in an instant he was defeated by his tears, leaving only the desire to comfort him. Qu Xiuming did not know what Yunxiao was thinking. After he stopped his tears, he loosened his arms. Qu Xiuming looked at Yunxiao for a long time, lowered his head and kissed her forehead gently, then held her left hand tightly with his right hand. Yunxiao looked at him, did not say anything, let him shake hands, two people walk to the hotel together. Qu Xiuming's assistant looked at the two men with relief. God knows, when he saw his boss's eyes were red,Inflatable water obstacle course, his tears almost came out. His omnipotent boss actually cried! Whoo, it hurts so much! Even if Yun Dong is his goddess, he will condemn the goddess for three seconds for the boss's tears!.




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