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Hou Ye will have an accident sooner or l

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The sound of footsteps turned back, and the familiar voice came from outside the carriage, "Zhao yuan Hou." Zhao yuan Hou? It seems to be the voice of Jinhua? Ruan Wan eyes slightly stagnant, is it? When the curtain was lifted with lightning speed, a kind smile came into view, which was so kind that it almost brought tears to people's eyes. At the time of Chengzhou, although Shaoqing and Li Chaohui did not open their mouths, they all knew that Ruan Wan had thought that he might never see Jinhua again in the future. Now the big living person can appear in front of us safe and sound, the customary smile is like a clear spring wandering in the heart, as if mixed feelings, a flat corner of the mouth, almost called out the word "Jinhua". Fortunately, Shen Jinhua lowered his eyebrows and said gently, "There was a delay on the way. Let the princess and the Marquis of Zhaoyuan wait for a long time. Jinhua is to blame." Moist tone, like a spring breeze. It means he's got them worried about himself. Ruan Wan choked slightly, "just as well, just come." In the eyes of outsiders, he just came to say hello to the Marquis of Zhaoyuan for the first time, and he had to go somewhere else to exchange greetings, so naturally he couldn't stay long. I will accompany the procession to the inn, and then drink with the Marquis of Zhaoyuan at the banquet in Your Majesty's palace. Ruan Wan nodded. Shen Jinhua just put down the curtain and retired. Before the others had gone far, Ruan Wan opened the curtain on the window and looked around, then saw Shen Jinhua going to Shao Wenjin. The back is tall and straight, the speech and behavior are modest like a gentleman, and they are gentle and courteous at all times. Do not give up the eyes, pear vortex smile on the face. When Shen Jinhua was chatting with Shao Wenjin, he turned his face a little sideways, and sure enough, he saw her peeking at the carriage and smiled. Shao Wenjin also took advantage of the situation to look at each other, just four eyes. When someone was slightly stunned, he smiled arrogantly,bottle blowing machine, raised his chin, and threw the curtain out of sight. Shen Jinhua looked at Shao Wenjin in surprise. Ruan Wan has known him since he was a child, rarely seen her like this, probably will only "perform" these tricks in front of Ruan Shaoqing. At present, Shao Wenjin? Shen Jinhua could not help looking at a few more points. Shao Wenjin is also looking back, don't know Shen Jinhua and Ruan Wan know, only just a scene others seem to be incredible, just open whitewash, "Zhaoyuan Hou is usually and I have some wrong way, not for others, Huai'an Hou don't want to take it amiss." Shen Jinhua could not help looking back at the carriage, the corners of his mouth outlined shallowly, "where will, I also feel very congenial with Zhaoyuan Hou." Congenial to Ruan Shaoqing? Shao Wenjin also looked at him a little more. Accompanied by Shen Jinhua, after entering the capital, it was smooth all the way, liquid bottle filling machine ,PET blowing machine, and the people in the capital were very enthusiastic and cheered. According to Jiang Songqi, Song Yan'er also occasionally appeared and waved, smiling a little shy, just like the first lotus blooming in summer. The people in the capital were so enthusiastic that the imperial guards did not dare to neglect them at all. The imperial army is very relaxed. The party soon arrived at the inn where they stayed, and apart from meeting the cocky Five Royal Highnesses on the way, they were almost unimpeded. His Royal Highness Wu gave Shen Jinhua thin noodles and lived in peace. In the evening, Emperor Rong held a banquet, and several people had to attend, so they went back to their rooms to prepare. Ruan Wan took out the wind blueprint and gave it to Song Yan'er before Qing He served her. Your Majesty has ordered the princess to present it to Emperor Rong in person, and the princess has put it away. Song Yan'er only knew that Ruan Wan was a woman, but did not know that she was a childe Wan. She took it and looked at it at random. She told Qing He to put it away and take the chariot with her later. Qinghe followed the sound. But Ruan Wan saw at a glance that she was absent-minded and was about to enter the palace. What are you dazed about? Song Yan'er held her cheeks and sighed lightly. "In the past, I only knew that Li Chaohui was not welcomed. I didn't want to be so stretched.". Earlier, the two men had clearly gone for him, and he had tolerated them like this, but others still refused to let them go. It turned out to be a grievance for her future husband. Ruan Wan chuckled, "these have your majesty and seven royal Highnesses to think about, don't bother the princess.". What the princess wants to do is to raise her eyes and smile, and let Qinghe dress you up well. Tonight, let the royal relatives in Changfeng Capital see how amazing Princess Jiahe of Nanshun is! "Wan Wan!" Song Yan'er blushed with shame. Princess ~ "Qing he shook his head helplessly, time is not much.". Ruan Wan couldn't help, so she got up to say goodbye because she didn't want to make a mess. Qinghe silently recited Amitabha Buddha in his heart. Ruan Wan went back to her room and was having a banquet in the palace in the evening. Remembering that it was too late to go out in the morning, it was better to wrap the chest again now.
Behind the screen, he untied his clothes lightly, and his wrist accidentally touched his hair, and three thousand hairs slipped off. Ruan Wan bent over and picked up her clothes in front of her. When she got up, she caught a glimpse of the man in the mirror. The snow muscle was transparent, the hair was around her shoulders, and the clothes were covered in front of her chest at will. She suddenly remembered Shao Wenjin's grip yesterday, and her cheeks were like burning. Rude, vicious, and bad-tempered! The chest was tied up much tighter than usual, and I couldn't breathe. After wrapping the chest, but did not rush to change clothes, but sitting in front of the mirror back and forth to stroke the ear hair, looked at the side of the face, I do not know when to change back to women's clothing? After a while, she smiled again. No wonder Ah Xin often said that she loved beauty. Thinking of this, there was a knock on the door, "Hou Ye, it's me." Xin? Ruan Wan was overjoyed and ordered to come in. Not seen for nearly a month, the master and servant seemed to have endless words, such as Ye Xin asked her if she had seen Huai'an Hou? For example, Ruan Wan asked her with one voice if she had any news to discuss? In the end, Ye Xinxin was careful. "The Marquis will enter the palace later. The maidservant will wait on the Marquis to change clothes." Ruan Wan naturally said good, Ye Xin in the side of the heart is much more secure. Taking advantage of the time to change clothes, Ye Xin also casually talked about the long wind, at first she could not find any news, even the boy around Huai'an Hou did not know, only said Hou Ye went out. Ye Xin began to believe it, so he stayed in Huai'an Hou Fu and waited for Ruan Wan to go to Beijing. Before long, the Qing father-in-law in the palace came to the mansion to look for the Marquis of Huai'an. Qing father-in-law is a big red man walking around your majesty. He had seen Ruan Wan and Ye Xin when he was with the Marquis of Huai'an. Ye Xin told him the cause and effect of Ruan Wan's asking her to come to Beijing to inquire. Later,water bottling line, it was roughly Qing father-in-law who went to lie in Dali Temple to find out the news. Only then did he know that Huai'an Hou was really imprisoned. Qing father-in-law had been running around. As for how Huai'an Hou came out later, it was unknown. Ye Xin is also listening to Qing father-in-law, already nothing.
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