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Director of a bureau

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Big plum has been working behind the police of the Public Security Bureau for more than 20 years, and the cases he participated in can also be written into a thick case textbook, but so far he is still an assistant policeman. In the face of Huang Xiaolong, a regular policeman who graduated from the police Academy, he has some inferiority complex and some rebellion. The two moods are mixed together and become paranoid. Young police officers of the academic school like Huang Xiaolong seldom had a good look. At that time, they used words to make Huang Xiaolong choke: "Director Peng is not a graduate of the Public Security University. He has a wild diploma. If you have the ability, don't listen to him. Let him listen to you." Peng yuanda originally did not have a professional background. In the mid-1980s, he carried out the four modernizations of cadres, among which the knowledge was diploma. Without a diploma, he had to be an ordinary policeman all his life, and there was no chance of promotion at all. At this time, although Peng yuanda has served as the deputy captain of the criminal investigation team, the rank of Zhengke, but ultimately no diploma, not only lost the basic conditions for continued promotion, at any time there is the possibility of giving up talents to diploma cadres. Opportunities often come with crises, when China's largest university, the Central Radio and Television University, began to recruit students, opening the door for all people like Peng yuanda to earn diplomas. Peng yuanda signed up for the major of Chinese language and literature. I don't know whether he was lucky or he really had the level, or other candidates were too bad. He actually got the third place in the entrance examination and became a college student who was not released from work. After three years of hard work while studying and taking exams, he finally has a college diploma recognized by the Ministry of Education. At that time, this diploma in the Public Security Bureau was still very valuable. Promotion, promotion, promotion of professional titles, and salary increases could all be dealt with with this diploma. Huang Xiaolong caught the big plum's braid and said, "Don't talk nonsense. What is a wild diploma?"? Director Peng's diploma is a formal college degree recognized by the state,liquid bottle filling machine, and it is definitely not a wild diploma. Said, also glanced at Peng yuanda, not only prompted Peng yuanda big plum dare to disrespect his diploma, but also hope to get Peng yuanda's support. The diploma issue does not matter to Peng yuanda now, as long as the organization department admits that what others say is useless, so he does not care about the dispute between Big Li and Huang Xiaolong at all. What he is most concerned about now is the problem of communication. The night before, he let people get drunk and forgot to charge his mobile phone. The next day, he hurried into the mountains and asked Huang Xiaolong to use his mobile phone to call Yinzhou City to report the good news of a breakthrough in the case, but there was no signal. At this time, walking on the narrow path in the mountains, he urged Huang Xiaolong with a glimmer of hope: "Xiaolong, hang up the phone at home again to see if it can be connected." Knowing that there was no signal, Huang Xiaolong did not dare to disobey Peng yuanda's instructions. He took out his cell phone and fiddled with it for a long time and reported helplessly to Peng yuanda: "There is still no signal." Zhuang Wenming said, "It doesn't matter. When you get to the village, PET blow moulding machine ,Edible oil filling machine, you will have a signal. If there is still no signal, you can use the telephone of the township police station." A group of people trudged for a whole day, rolling red mud, one by one like terracotta warriors and horses just burned out of the kiln, and finally arrived at the police station of Meihua Township, Nan'an City, in the dark. The director was a tall, thin, swarthy man, surnamed Lin. Seeing Peng yuanda, the four of them half opened their mouths in surprise: "We have already received a notice from the city Bureau. We have been waiting for you. We thought you had a car accident and were preparing to report to the city Bureau.". What are you doing? Why don't you take a car? Zhuang Wenming was very familiar with the director and said, "We are not fools. We still need to waste two legs if we can take a bus."? Find a place for us to wash. Is there anything to eat? Director Lin stubbornly asked: "Why can't I take a bus?" Zhuang Wenming imitated the tone of the big plum and said, "God has prostatic hyperplasia. He has been urinating all day. The broken dirt road here has already become a muddy pond. Thanks to the fact that we didn't take a car, we still don't know where to push the cart." Director Lin Hei Hei laughed: "How could our famous detective Zhuang in Fujian Province make such a low-level mistake?"? By the way, it's normal. I've been sitting in the provincial office for years. It's rare to have a chance to come to our deep valley. What is bureaucracy? This is called bureaucracy.
What age is it now? In the era of reform and opening up and rapid economic and social development, if you still want to follow the old path, no one can do anything about it. Tell you, the road in Meihua Township has long been diverted. The four-lane cement pavement of the national second-class highway, not to mention such a little rain, is now open to traffic as usual even if there is a typhoon. Zhuang Wenming was greatly embarrassed and regretted it. He repeatedly apologized to Peng yuanda: "I'm really sorry. It's a low-level mistake. It's a low-level mistake." Peng yuanda said hurriedly, "It doesn't matter. It's rare to have such an opportunity to enjoy the scenery in the mountainous areas of southern Fujian. The scenery along the way is really beautiful." Then he took the time to ask the director, "Director Lin, is it convenient for external communication here?" Director Lin proudly boasted: "It's very convenient. Long distance calls, mobile phones, and the Internet are all no problem." Peng yuanda said: "We have been out for a long time. We have to contact home quickly. My mobile phone is not charged. Xiao Huang, try to see if your mobile phone has a signal." Huang Xiaolong said dejectedly, "I kept dialing all the way, and the electricity was already gone." Peng yuanda asked Big Plum again. Big Plum said, "How can I afford a mobile phone when I earn a few yuan? In Yinzhou, I use PHS. When I go out, I don't have PHS, and I don't bring it." Director Lin said, "Don't worry. Take a bath and change clothes first. The wind in the mountains is hard. Don't catch a cold and have a fever that will affect your work.". After taking a bath and changing clothes, we can get in touch with the United States by calling the phone in our office. As soon as Peng yuanda heard this, he ran around in the water and mud for a day. Although the scenery along the way was beautiful and pleasant, they were tired enough. Then look at the image of each person, out of the door said that no one would believe the police, said that the refugees, begging for food will certainly be generous to give them a mouthful of leftovers. Peng yuanda then agreed to the director's proposal, first bathing and changing clothes, then eating and drinking, and then making long-distance calls to contact home. Washed clean, put on the underwear and coat that Director Lin had temporarily scraped from his men, and Peng yuanda had a feeling of rebirth. The economic situation of Meihua Township can be seen from the dining table, which is full of fish,juice filling machine, turtles, shrimps and crabs, as well as two bottles of Jinmen Kaoliang liquor.
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