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The Department of Material and Heat has always been a traditional strong team in the history of CUHK, such as the current main players Lan (Luo Lan), YezI (Ye Ziluo), Sun Move (Sun Zhebing), Velver (yuan Yanfeng) and others are all recognized by CUHK as strong men with their own characteristics. Lan's condition is very stable, but as long as he is a little worse than him, he will certainly be able to win. SunMove's violent soldier ability is second to none in Zhongda. Many people always doubt whether his main mine is one more than others. Otherwise, why can he produce much more soldiers than others in the same two mines? YezI is the best player in Zhongda Protoss Arbitration Stream, while Velver is the captain of the material heat, an unkillable Terran player. Several league matches were elected MVP players with the highest winning rate. Last season, although Murong was indisputably named the rookie king, he lost to Vel in the match with the Department of Material and Heat. These people of the Department of Material and Heat have all won the championship of some big or small singles competitions, and the strength of the second-tier players of the Department is also very strong. In this way, even if a group of people left in their senior year, The bottom can still keep up. So when it comes to tradition and heritage, it's like a leek. Cut one crop and another. Several horses of IHS are in Wu Xian. Lan,PET bottle Mold, who is known for his steady performance, was the first to appear in the physical and thermal department, and it took only seven minutes to defeat TZG, the old bird in the electromechanical Academy. After winning TZG, a group of people in the Department of Material and Heat did not have much excitement, because in their view,water bottle packaging machine, a team like the Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering is a pure team of fish, or there is a Murong who can play, the Department of Material and Heat will have to consider all the second-line. The second venue of the Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering is their captain Hu Shuo, a wretched man who used to be in the QO Guo Xixi, and the venue of the Material Heat Department is the vice team Sun Move. He despises nonsense at all. He thought that he was the captain of the Mechanical and Electrical Institute because of his good popularity. If he was born in the Department of Material and Heat, he would be a second-line bench player at most. SunMove 1:.] There is no dispute that the violent tank comes alive to pile up nonsense, but I didn't expect that the nonsense suddenly used the big move of 8 BB. SunMove's tank factory had just been built, and the nonsense pikemen and SCVs rushed over, so he was very unwilling to usher in the first place of the new season, thinking that he could not sleep well for N nights in the future. The score became one to one, and Murong came on the stage with a mouse amid the fanatical shouts of hundreds of electromechanical cattle. Such fanatical shouting surprised a group of people in HIS, bottle blowing machine ,Vegetable oil filling machine, and at the same time, it also made YezI, one of the four masters in the Department of Physical and Thermal Affairs, jump in the eyebrows. Isn't it a team that successfully relegated last season? Isn't it the rookie king of last season that many people said on www? Didn't Veler kill him last season? YezI felt that he could also kill Murong, and the glorious achievements and glory of the Department of Material and Heat were not comparable to those of the Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, but the people of the Department of Material and Heat did not seem to be as fanatical as those of the Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Is it because of jealousy? YezI couldn't say what it felt like, but he felt that he and the King of CUHK were more qualified to have such fanatical supporters, so he decided to wake up the so-called newcomer Wang and the people of the Dizzy Mechanical and Electrical Institute. Vigorous! The previous two games have made several people in HIS feel that the level of the Department of Material and Heat is really high. Although the second game of SunMove was done by the nonsense, the speed of operation and the confidence of the people also made HIS feel that the Department of Material and Heat is quite different from the previous Department of Materials and the School of Foreign Languages. After the match between YeZI and Murong started. His people were even more surprised, watching the speed of the two people's rapid screen switching and the rapid click, Bat and ro were stimulated. The two men were dumbfounded and whispered that both of them had three hundred hands, right? "Three hundred?" Wu Yingda gave a sneer.
In normal times, Wu Yingda would not take the initiative to talk to others and use this. Speaking to the people around him, Wu Yingda often said on the Internet that he was angry to make money. But looking at Zhou Xiaoyu and Miwei excitedly looking at Murong's appearance in the race, Wu Yingda felt very uncomfortable. At this time, when he heard the two horses discussing around him, he was very angry and answered, "YezI's hand speed is three hundred and two, Murong's hand speed is more than three hundred and fifty!" Three hundred and fifty? Isn't that about as fast as Fang Xiang? Several people in the team looked at Wu Yingda in surprise, but Wu Yingda ignored them and watched the race by himself. A few people can only be extremely shocked to continue to watch. YeZI wants Murong to know that the title of a newcomer king is nothing, because YezI used to be a newcomer king. He quietly wanted to use the dragoon RUSH and knife first. In fact, there is an essential difference between the level of amateur players and the level of professional players. Generally, in the professional league, the probability of a top Terran player being directly hacked to death by a hidden knife is less than 40%, but there are countless examples of being hacked to death by a hidden knife in the college league. Even many famous Terran masters in Zhongda will feel in a hurry when facing YeZI's fierce dragoons and just want to build two more tanks to block the dragoons RUSH, YezI's hidden knife will follow. But YezI didn't expect Murong to be the first to attack, and he laid down his barracks in the eighth SCV. 8BB! All the people did not expect Murong to say the same trick. Looking at his calm appearance, the people in the players' rest area suspected that the trick of talking nonsense was learned from him. Because obviously his action is faster than nonsense, the operation is also more efficient, but YezI's luck is good, he first point to explore Murong's base, after discovering Murong's intention, he made a fork at the first time, with the beginning of the fork, he and Murong entangled for a long time, both sides did not take any advantage in the end. Both of them put down the gas mine, because the economy was a little worse at the beginning,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, so YezI's Dragon Knight came out a little slower, and YezI's Dragon Knight just ran out of the base, but Murong's troops rushed out again.
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