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Smegma鈥t鈥檚 a word that gives men and women a case of the gags the world over. Images of funky smells Giants Odell Beckham Jr Jersey , cheese-like discharge, and an angry member immediately come to mind. But how does smegma even get there in the first place? Let鈥檚 break down what smegma is first and go from there.

What is Smegma?

Smegma is actually part of the body's very efficient self-cleaning process. This cocktail of dead skin cells, oils, and other genital fluids may not be appetizing, but when taken care of daily, it's not even noticeable. When it isn't Elite Brandon Marshall Jersey , however, that's when things get smelly and inflamed 鈥?specifically the male member. In addition to the gross factor, it can also lead to painful infections, not to mention a lot of embarrassment with an intimate partner.

Smegma Symptoms

To know how to treat it, a man must know how to spot it first. Let鈥檚 face it, there鈥檚 a ton of things that can afflict a member Elite Landon Collins Jersey , smegma is one of the most obvious though. Smegma symptoms are pretty straightforward. Here are the most common smegma symptoms:

- There鈥檚 a foul odor emanating from the male member. It is most likened to a sweaty, sour milk smell.
- A dirty white thick consistency with a cottage cheese-like appearance.
- Urinating gets hot and throbbing. Many times, the urge to urinate also increases.
- Redness and Irritation. The delicate genital skin has a painful, pins-and-needles feel, and if often hot and any touch is unwelcome.

What Causes Smegma?

If smegma is around, it鈥檚 generally because someone isn鈥檛 cleaning their member properly or regularly enough. Men who neglect daily washing Elite Odell Beckham Jr Jersey , don鈥檛 wash after workouts, don鈥檛 wash after intimate activities, or don鈥檛 wash with intent are more likely to be a victim to smegma.

While it doesn鈥檛 cause smegma, being uncircumcised does put a man at higher likelihood for having smegma because under the foreskin is the perfect place for smegma to hide. To avoid smegma and other foreskin-related hygiene issues, some of these men decide to get circumcised.

Treatment for smegma

So, what鈥檚 the miracle treatment for smegma?

Wash the member regularly and thoroughly.

Is it just that easy? Yes. But some men haven鈥檛 been taught the ropes or established a daily hygiene ritual. This should include cleaning Black Brandon Marshall Jersey , drying, and moisturizing the member to polished perfect daily. For those needing a step-by-step, here's a comprehensive how-to for proper male organ care:




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