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Mysql Schema in C#

Author: rajib bahar

Figure 1.0: Screenshot of MySQL Utility.


This article covers how to talk to MySQL database and extract the schema from it.


As many of you know Kevin White Jersey , MySQL脗聽 is an open source database. It is free for non-commercial purposes. This article would be helpful for anybody doing development in MySQL and C#. What is the motivation behind this utility? Well, an application could crash in the middle of database activities. Often, these databases may not reside on the same site as your developmenttesting machine. We need a utility that would help us get a snapshot of the database at client site. If you have an utility that would capture the state of the client database Cody Whitehair Jersey , then, you can load it in your testing machine. The idea is to reproduce the situation your client faced. That way you can address any undiscovered issues.

Functionality Supported

Saving Schema as Text
Viewing Schema
Viewing Entire Database

Required Tools

ODBC.NET Data Provider from Microsoft
MySQL Database
MySQL ODBC Connector

Using the code

First, add a reference to Microsoft ODBC. Then use the using microsoft.odbc statement to tell it that you want to you MS ODBC. In short Leonard Floyd Jersey , OdbcConnection will be used to open connection, OdbcCommand to execute queries, and OdbcDataReader to read the resulting row set. The code shown below documents each step. You will notice Eddie Jackson Jersey , it runs the MySQL specific command SHOW TABLES to get the list of tables. Then it runs another query based on that particular table, SHOW COLUMNS IN CURRENT_TABLE. This is all the code does.

The Code

Collapse *

@@ Function:
@f ::PrepareSchema

@@ Description:
@d when this is called the widget is updated and everything
about this database and tables are displayed

@@ Type:
@t public

@@ Arguments:
@@ Returns:
@r void

@@ Preconditions:
@c Provided that the GUI is running and DB Connection is made.

@@ Postconditions:
@o DB schema displayed

@@ References:
@e Query MySql with C#.


public void PrepareSchema()
create the connection object by setting the DSN

OdbcConnection ocConnection = new OdbcConnection("DSN="+ strDSN);

second connection is created so we could make

queries while executing one

OdbcConnection ocConnection2 = new OdbcConnection("DSN="+ strDSN);

this will open up both connections


declare the commands for each table and column

OdbcCommand ocTableCommand;
OdbcCommand ocColumnCommand;

create a command object. this will execute SHOW TABLES

query. In mysql, it shows all of the tables contained in

the database in use.

ocTableCommand = new OdbcCommand("SHOW TABLES" Tarik Cohen Jersey , ocConnection);

declare reader objects for tables and columns

OdbcDataReader odrTableReader;
OdbcDataReader odrColumnReader;

queries that return result set are executed by ExecuteReader()

If you are to run queries like insert, update, delete then

you would invoke them by using ExecuteNonQuery()

odrTableReader = ocTableCommand.ExecuteReader();

place create db statement in rich text box

rchtxtSchema.Text += "CREATE DATABASE ";
rchtxtSchema.Text += ocConnection.Database;
rchtxtSchema.Text += ";rnrn";

rchtxtSchema.Text += "USE DATABASE ";
rchtxtSchema.Text += ocConnection.Database;
rchtxtSchema.Text += ";rnrn";

string strTable = "";
string strColumnName = "";
string strColumnType = "";
string strColumnNull = "";
string strColumnPKey = "";
string strColumnDflt = "";
string strColumnExtr = "";

reader the set of tables

here we are expecting rows with only 1 column

containing the table name. that's why explcity

call GetString() at 0th index

strTable = odrTableReader.GetString(0);

rchtxtSchema.Text += "CREATE TABLE ";
rchtxtSchema.Text += strTable;
rchtxtSchema.Text += "rn(rn";

build up the command for each table

ocColumnCommand = new OdbcCommand("SHOW COLUMNS IN " +
strTable Adam Shaheen Jersey , ocConnection2);

run the query

odrColumnReader = ocColumnCommand.ExecuteReader();

reading the set of columsn

This query returns the name of column, Type,

wherther it's Null Mitchell Trubisky Vapor Untouchable Jersey , whether it's primary Key,

the default value, and extra info such as

whether it's autoincrement or not

strColumnName = odrColumnReader.GetString(0);
strColumnType = odrColumnReader.GetString(1);
strColumnNull = odrColumnReader.GetString(2);
strColumnPKey = odrColumnReader.GetString(3);
strColumnDflt = odrColumnReader.GetString(4);

strColumnExtr = odrColumnReader.GetString(5);

if (!strColumnNull.Equals("YES"))
strColumnNull = " NOT NULL ";
strColumnNull = "";

if (strColumnPKey.Equals("PRI"))
strColumnPKey = " PRIMARY KEY ";

this.rchtxtSchema.Text += "n";
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