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Heavy snowfall brought both chaos and joy across Europe Women's David Johnson Jersey , with some 15,000 people stranded overnight in the French Alps while skiers revelled in the fresh powder blanketing slopes.

A winter storm left thousands of Britons without power, sent trucks sliding across icy highways in Germany and caused airport delays and traffic disruptions across the region.

A Swiss national died and 30 people were injured, two of them seriously, in a highway pile-up some 40 kilometres (24 miles) from the Slovenian capital after heavy snow across the centre of the country, police said.

The abundant powder created idyllic conditions for skiers in France and Germany Women's Pat Tillman Jersey , who have anxiously been watching bare slopes as temperatures remained unseasonably warm in recent weeks.

But it also created havoc for holidaymakers rushing to and from ski resorts for their end-of-year vacations.

Authorities in the Savoie region of the French Alps said nearly 15,000 people had been housed in emergency shelters, while others were forced to spend the night in their cars.

"It took us 10 hours to go 130 kilometres," said Kevin Clavel who was stuck in his car with four passengers.

Around 50 British holiday makers bitterly complained of inaction after they were stuck in a French gymnasium for a second night following heavy snowfall in Savoie.

"We're still stuck in Albertville, where we were put to sleep with excuses for 28 hours," said Sarah Stewart on Twitter Rush David Johnson Jersey , who was travelling with Britain's Crystal Ski tour operator.

- Transport links frozen -

The heavy snows also brought the threat of avalanches, and one person died Sunday after being buried in a torrent of snow in the southern French Alps.

Icy conditions also caused the death of a 27-year-old man whose car slid into a ravine in the Belledonne mountain range.

France's Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve urged drivers "to exercise the utmost caution" and asked those who could delay their trips to do so.

The snow storm caused disruption in Britain where more than 100,000 homes were left without power and airports suffered delays.

In Germany, police reported dozens of weather-related accidents on Autobahn highways and country roads, with trucks sliding across icy lanes and creating a 20-kilometre traffic jam near the western city of Stuttgart.

The country's biggest airport, Frankfurt Rush Pat Tillman Jersey , cancelled 20 of Sunday's more than 900 scheduled flights and reported widespread delays as runways were cleared and jets de-iced.

As temperatures plunged in Italy, more than half the country was covered in snow, to the delight of ski resort operators from the Alps down to the lesser-known mountains of Abruzzo, east of Rome.

The cold snap is expected to dig in across Europe into the New Year, with temperatures in Britain likely to drop as low as minus 10 degrees Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit) next week.

- 'Gift from the sky' -

Despite the chaos, the arrival of fresh white powder was a boon to European ski resorts which had been unable to fully open during the key holiday season.

"What joy! It is a gift from the sky Cheap David Johnson Jersey ," said Gilbert Blanc-Tailleur of the Courchevel ski resort in the French Alps.

"Snow is coming. Winter is finally here!" said the La Bresse ski station in the eastern Vosges mountains on its website.

In Austria ski resort operators also breathed a sigh of relief as much of the country was blanketed in white.

The Oesterreich daily declared the ski season saved on Saturday, headlining with: "Hurray! The snow is here."

Meanwhile in France, winds also wreaked havoc, with storms packing gusts of up to 160 kilometres (100 miles) per hour forcing the temporary closure on Saturday of France's port of Calais and the suspension of car ferries to and from Britain.

A few kilometres outside the industrial northern city, thousands of illegal migrants living in makeshift camps struggled through a second night of freezing temperatures.

"The conditions outside are hellish," said David Lacour Cheap Pat Tillman Jersey , the director of aid organisation Solid'R, which is running a care centre to help migrants survive the cold.

"The storm blew away a lot of tents -- some now have nothing."

Up to 2,300 migrants are thought to be in Calais and surrounding areas, where they live in flimsy tents waiting for a chance to get to Britain.

by Xinhua writers Cheng Lu and Li Linhai

XINING, Feb. 24 (Xinhua) -- The deaths of seven Przewalski's gazelle, a species even more endangered than the giant panda David Johnson Jersey , have aroused debate over whether grassland fences should be removed completely.

The antelopes were killed by barbed wire fences around Qinghai Lake, the last stronghold of the species, in northwest China's Qinghai Province, when they tried to jump the fences.

The deaths were discovered by Namgyal, an environmental volunteer and herdsman, on Saturday when patrolling the lake on his motorcycle.

"Six were male. Their dead bodies were stiff. Some were hanging on the wire Pat Tillman Jersey , while others were lying in pools of blood," he said.

Wang Enguang, head of wildlife and nature reserves in Qinghai, told Xinhua that the local government has sent investigators to the site.

"They died in different locations and at various time. Some might have been chased by predators when they tried to jump the fences," Wang said.

Przewalski's gazelle has China's highest level of protection. Once found all over north and northwest China, the gazelle is now found only around Qinghai Lake.

It was named after the Russian explorer who collected a specimen and took it back to St. Petersburg in 1875.

Despite the population of Przewalski's gazelles recovering from 300 in the mid-1990s to more than 1 Cheap Arizona Cardinals Hats ,000 today, and their habitat being enlarged, they still face a fight for survival against highways, wolves, the weather and, most dangerously Cheap Arizona Cardinals T-Shirts , fences.

It was not the first time that fences have .




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