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With the economy in a tailspin Goncalo Guedes Camisola , most of us are feeling the effects of the financial crisis. Amidst the daily struggle to hang onto jobs, pay our bills, and save for retirement, physical wellness can take a back seat to more immediate concerns.

But the stress of trying to cope in a tough economy makes it more important than ever to care for your most valuable asset - your health. Good health can make a tremendous difference in your ability to face the pressures of uncertain times.


A demanding schedule can make it tempting to eat on the run; with grocery prices soaring, you may skimp on more wholesome foods in favor of cheaper alternatives. But good nutrition is the cornerstone of good health Manuel Fernandes Camisola , and it is possible to eat well without draining your wallet.

- Plan Ahead
Plan a weekly menu before you shop and purchase only the items you need - you will save a lot of money.
Keep the FDA food pyramid in mind, and skip the prepackaged meals. Use fresh produce and whole grains
whenever possible - farm stands are excellent sources of fresh and inexpensive seasonal items.

- Avoid Fast Food
Although it is cheap and convenient, fast food is calorie-laden and lacking in nutritional value. Carry healthy
snacks and ignore the lure of the drive-through.

- Dine In
Restaurants are expensive, and little attention is given to the nutritional quality of the food coming out of the
kitchen. Make cooking a family event, or invite your friends - everyone will benefit from good food and the
camaraderie of preparing a meal together.


You've been working overtime to make ends meet. With the bills piling up Andre Gomes Camisola , the gym membership is an expense you can't justify. Sticking to an exercise routine seems impractical - you'll get back into it when things get better.

Feeling this way is understandable, but physical activity is a vital to maintaining good health. Exercising is a great way to de-stress, keep your metabolism running, and sustain a healthy body weight.

If you can't afford the snazzy gym, you can still work out without the expensive equipment and personal trainer. Why not rediscover the pleasures of the great (and free) outdoors? Take a walk with friends William Carvalho Camisola , your partner, or the dog. A bike ride is an excellent workout, even if you ride a $200 model instead of a sexy, top-of-the-line racing cycle.

Take a hike and enjoy the scenery, or go for a vigorous swim. If you live in a winter climate Ruben Neves Camisola , even sledding with the kids can be great exercise - the trudge back up the hill is a workout in itself. However you choose to stay fit, you will feel refreshed and ready to deal with any challenge.

Stress Management

Medical experts agree that high stress levels have a tremendous impact on our health. Stress weakens the immune system and depletes the hormones that promote healthy body function and mental well-being; it is also a huge factor in illnesses such as heart disease.

Make time for yourself. Yoga, meditating, or simply listening to soothing music can help you to relax, reduce your stress level Anthony Lopes Camisola , and allow your body's self-healing abilities to take over.

Risky Behaviors

Behaviors such as smoking, heavy drinking, and drug use are never good for you. Aside from the adverse health effects, these substances can dim your outlook, exacerbate stressful situations Bernardo Silva Camisola , and impair your ability to make good decisions.

Cutting back on drinking and smoking can only be beneficial, and you will find yourself feeling more energized and positive about your life.

Preventative Health Care

It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of preventative care. Scheduling a checkup or mammogram may be the furthest thing from your mind right now, but remember that early detection is critical in treating any disease.

- Lab tests (such as pap smears) can spot diseases which are easily treated in early stages, but become
much more complicated and dangerous if allowed to progress.

- Mammograms are recommended for women ages 40 and up. Don't duck out of your checkup with the
excuse that you don't have time - you could be saving your life.

- Cholesterol checks are vital for older adults. Maintaining a healthy cholesterol level can minimize your risk of
stroke or heart disease.

Don't overlook your annual checkup. Even in difficult times, you will greatly improve the quality of your life if you practice good habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Chinese automaker that sold more electric cars last year than Tesla Joao Mario Camisola , Nissan or GM is taking a back road into the American market on a battery-powered bus.

Detouring around the cost and risk of consumer sales, BYD Co. has quietly built a U.S. business supplying rechargeable buses to environmentally-minded transit agencies. Its factory north of Los Angeles, opened in 2013, is on track to deliver 300 this year.

  In this photo taken Monday, April 11 Andre Silva Camisola , 2016, performers take part in an event to introduce the Yuan, the latest Plug-in Hybrid mini SUV from BYD in Beijing, China.

The company has dipped its toe into the U.S. auto market by launching test fleets of plug-in electric taxis in Chicago and New York City.

Consumer sales are coming but BYD has yet to decide when, said Michael Austin Joao Moutinho Camisola , its vice president for the United States. He said it might start developing a sales network in the next two years.

"We have the manufacturing scale that can drive the cost to a point where we can bring vehicles to export markets including the United States, Latin America and Europe that will be game-changing," said Austin at BYD's headquarters in this southern city adjacent to Hong Kong.

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